Pilot Project


PlateUp helps combat the issue of takeout waste by replacing single-use plastic containers with reusable containers. Click here to learn more about who we are.

Our Pilot Project is a 3-week-long program dedicated to testing a simplified version of our service with compostable containers. Through this, we will be able to observe how our service performs in the market and generate feedback to make improvements for the future.



Partner with restaurants and disperse PlateUp Boxes to them

Mark designated compost bins on the UC Berkeley campus


Students that participate will purchase their meal in a PlateUp box and return the clean box into the bin.


At the end of each day, the boxes will be collected and the code will be checked to see if the box was returned. 


1. PICKUP meal at participating restaurant in a PLATEUP BOX

2. ENJOY meal!

3. DROP-OFF PlateUp Box at either COMPOST location

The whole process starts when you walk through the restaurant’s door.

(You will see a MEAL PICKUP flyer there!)

When purchasing your takeout meal, ask the cashier to use a compostable PlateUp Box. Then, follow the directions on the MEAL PICKUP flyer.

After finishing your meal, you drop off your PlateUp Box in one of the marked DROP-OFF locations.

Dispose of your PlateUp Box in the compost bin, and scan the QR code on it to notify us that you participated.

(You will see a BOX DROP-OFF flyer there!)

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 4.40.43 PM.png

If you return the box and scan both QR codes, you will automatically be entered in a raffle to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

\We hope you join us in making the world greener one meal at a time.